Jonathan Charles  
  • Craftsmanship
    Jonathan Charles trains and employs artisans across a wide range of skills. They teach old-fashioned pride in our work and the results show in their beautifully crafted replica antiques. They go far beyond creating pieces that just look like classic English furniture, they use techniques that are unchanged in centuries to breathe soul and lasting quality into their products.
  • Design
    Many of Jonathan Charles' inspirations come from original antiques that Jonathan comes across. Sometimes they will reproduce them as accurately as possible and other times they will take a detail they like and design a piece of furniture around that feature.

Often they will design a piece of furniture completely from scratch. Jonathan Charles get inspiration from many places - classic wallpaper designs, nature, classic antiques, rare objects, jewellery etc. They never design to the limitations of their factory, in fact quite the opposite. Their factory has expanded as they have developed skillsets in advanced marquetry, bronze casting, hand carving and a host of other skilled techniques.

  • Quality
    Jonathan Charles don't ever compromise on design so they would be foolish to compromise on quality. Only the very best materials go into their furniture...inspectors check in line (as the components are being made) and at key transaction points (they can not pass from one section to another without being checked and approved by an inspector) throughout the production process. And then finally just before the items is carefully packed it is looked over with a keen eye and a comprehensive check list by "final QC" who look for anything that may have being missed.